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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

right now I am cursing my band.

OK, I'm not really cursing my band, but right now I am really struggling.  If your easily offended then you better close this blog now 'cause I'm about to give TMI.  I need some guidance from some veteran bandsters.  How do you keep from getting constipated?  Good grief Charlie Brown!  I have never in my life had issues like this.  I have always been regular as a Timex but the past two weeks have been bowel hell.  You guys warned me about bandster hell but nothing about this.  I have been to the point of tears.  What do I do?  I have used a gentle woman's laxative and yes it does produce results in a little as 6 hours and that is fine and dandy.  The problem is, it works for that day but what about the next day or the next day?  I don't want to become dependent on laxatives to go poopie.  I am all ears for you suggestions.  Help me! Help my poor little hiney!  It can't handle this much longer!
-Stuck in Georgia

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  1. I don't usually take anything regularly, but if it's been 4 or 5 days then I take Miralax. I've been tracking my food lately, and it seems I get a decent amount of fiber in, so that probably helps. If it seems to be ongoing, I usually add some benefiber to my morning protein drink. Hope you get some relief soon!