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Here's How I'm Doing!

Friday, July 23, 2010

You have been warned.

6 days again. I am so tired.  We have been working 6 days and I am pooped.  Speaking of poop, (like how I transitioned into a new topic?) I thought I was going to come unglued yesterday on the potty.  I didn't realize but it seems that I haven't pooped in about a week.  OM, it was terrible.  I did not realize that I was not eating enough veggies or drinking enough water or taking in enough fiber.  Whatever I was doing wrong was painful!  I have learned the error of my ways.   I have added Benefiber to my daily diet and I have added spinach and apple juice to my grocery list.  I do not wish this to repeat this again. 
Well, have a great day!  I will press on.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only 3 Wings?

Yes girlies I could only eat 3 hot wings at lunch today!  In my mind I wanted to eat more but Shasta said no way!  Shasta is my band's name remember?  I was physically satisfied by emotionally I wanted more.  I put them in a baggie and took them home, in case there were hard times to come.  I am doing really well on my eating, but sometimes I just want to put more food in my mouth.  Why is that?  I am full.  I have had enough to eat.  I am no longer hungry.  Why do I want to eat?  I think I need to explore more about the reasons that I eat.  It is obvious not because I am hungry, what am I lacking or looking for in food?  What kind of need am I trying to meet by eating?   Hmm...I might need some help on this one.  Any ideas?  I guess I could dump my whole life out here and you guys could sort it out and give me your thoughts.  Ok, let's start with the beginning.  I am an only adopted child, I'm divorced, I live alone, wait scratch that last one I live with my two adorable dogs.  I have friends but I keep the list small, I prefer to have a small group of really close friends.  I desperately need my time alone each day to regroup and gather my thoughts.  Ok, I need your input psychology students.  Why do I eat when I'm not hungry?  This is your assignment.  Good Luck! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gone Like Yesterday!

Oh yes baby! 24 pounds gone forever! I even got my first compliment!  Oooo girl, you gonna be lookin like a beanpole soon!  Ok, while that is a gross overstatement I do appreciate the thought behind it.  I also discovered today that two of the already thin parts of my body are losing weight.  Yes, my hands and my feet.  My leather sandles seem much larger today than they were a few weeks ago when I wore then and my watch definately need some links taken out or it is going to fall off my wrist.  Why am I losing weight in these places Lord?  I already have thin wrists and feet!  Why can't I lose a chin or two?  I have more chins than China Town and yet they are still here, mocking me!  Anywho, I am thrilled to be 24 pounds down.  I am wearing an outfit tonight that I can tell I have lost weight in, the last time I wore it, it would cling to my pooch.  Tonight...not so much.  On a side note, I have several African American co-workers that I absolutely love!  We were talking about my surgery and about losing weight and I told them that I was going to be the Skinny White Bitch in HR.  It is now a running joke in the office.  I have to say, so far I LOVE my band,  I think I will name her Shasta.  One, I love Shasta Daisies, two, my nurse after surgery was named Shasta what a cool name, and three what a refreshing drink!  So everyone, Welcome Shasta, my 10cc Lapband. 

Have a great day! Janet & Shasta!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes, that is right Stuck.  I got stuck on a piece on chicken.  I slimed and everything.  It was terrible.  I feel like a real bandster.  Now all I need is a fill and I'll be set.  August 3 is my first fill.  Yeah!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is it a full moon?

I believe that there is a full moon in Georgia.  I work night shift in HR and some nights especially if there is a full moon the folks in the plant act crazy.  I believe that tonight there is a full moon.  Lots of crazy stuff going on and it makes me crazy. 

On the weight loss page, so far I think I am doing pretty good.  On Friday, at my 1 week post-op I ws down 3 lbs.  I am pleased with my progress so far.  The weight didn't come on in 3 or 4 months so I don't expect to lose it that quickly either.   I am doing pretty good.  I am eating my protein first and then having my veggie.  I haven't been seduced by any sweets...yet.  I am however having a hard time getting my water down.  I think about drinking my water at meal time.  I have done really well not drinking with my meals and it isn't impossible but it does take some getting used to doing.  I am working on my grocery list for next week and I am a horrible meal planner.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm thinking easy, quick and if it lasts all week even better! 

Well, that's about it for now.  Weight loss-good, new job-good, life-good.  What more could a girl ask for?
I hope you guys have a great day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

PTL It is Friday

This has been the longest week ever!  I am so thankful that it is almost over!  I feel like I have been hit by a Mac truck and left on the side of the road.  I am bruised from my banding, I am sore from the hernia repair, I have bruises all over my stomach from the Lovenox injections and today I fell.  Yes, folks I walked out into the yard and slipped in the wet grass and went splat all over the property.  I know that the neighbors were on their screened in front porch secretly watching the fat lady writhe in pain on the lawn.  All I could think was that I had landed in a fire ant bed and I had to get up and out of the way before they starting biting!  So now,  I have a swollen ankle and walk with a limp.  I can't laugh because my side hurts.  I was 6 days without a poop so I took some Milk of Magnesia and now I can't stay out of the bathroom.  I am truly a sight.  I hobble like mad with a limp to bathroom.  I am glad it's Friday. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just call me Oscar

Have you ever just woke up cranky?  Well, I did today.  I don't know why but I am so grouchy.  My dogs are getting on my nerves and if you know me that takes a lot.  I am dog sitting for my best friend so in addition to my 2 adorable pooches I have a guest.  The dogs get along great, until I decide to sit on the sofa.  Everybody wants to sit next to me.  While I have plenty of lap space available, I just got my band last week and a hernia repair so I am still quite a bit sore.  Sadly, the puppies do not understand that hurts when they want to walk all over me in order to "get comfortable".  They also don't realize that I need two hands in order to type more effeciently.  Oh well, they love me unconditionally and I love them too. 
I am also ticked off because for some reason the letter v on my laptop wants to stick.  I have to really press in order for it to work.  Any thoughts? 
On a positive note, my new job is going fabo.  I am training my replacement right now and thankfully she is picking everything up really quickly.  I got my first checkstub yesterday under my new pay rate.  Unfortunately, the check was wrong.  They paid me 40 hours at salary and 40 hours at my old rate.  I wish I made that kind of money for one week.  Oh well, it will be corrected. 

On the bright side, My budget is going up and my weight is going down!  Now that's how I roll! 

Muchas gracias!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thanks for all the well wishes and advise!  I am walking, keeping up with my pain medications and in general doing well.  The gas is passing...so to speak and the pain is subsiding.  I am eating mushy foods and doing good.  I haven't been sick, knock on wood.  So far so good.  Again, thanks for all your help! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Finally A Bandster!

I am proud to announce that I was banded Friday, July 2, 2010.  I receied a LapBand AP Standard 10cc band.  I also receied a hiatial hernia repair that landed me a night in the hospital.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up in a room trying to figure out why.  No problems, my doctor just felt that because I had the hernia repair and lived 2 hours away it would be best to stay the night.  No biggie.  I have been doing really well so far.  My pain is manageable with meds of course.  My biggest complaint is gas in the shoulder/back.  You guys weren't kidding, that stuff is ruff!  I belive that I am through the worst right now and only have good things coming.  I'll keep you posted.  It is med time.  Have a great 4th of July! 

Friday, July 2, 2010


AGGHHH!! Today is the day!! I am soo excited!  I leave for the hospital at 6:00am.  I have a 2 hour drive and 1 hour time difference and I am suppose to be there at 7:30am.  The folks are here, my best friend is pumped and I can't wait!  I have my camera and I will post pics as soon as possible.  Thanks for supporting me on this leg of my journey, I'm gonna need all your support in the coming days, weeks and months ahead so hang in there with me. 
I'll keep you posted on my progress!  Yahoo!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yes, I got a promotion!  Effective Monday I will be the Night Shift HR Manager at our facility.  I am so excited!  This has been a fabo week!  I have my surgery Friday and I got the news about my promotion on Wednesday.  It has been a banner week guys, a banner week!  You may send balloon or flowers to me at Flowers hospital in Dothan, AL on Friday to congratulate me on my surgery and my promotion.  Yahoo for me!!!  God has truly blesed my life and I am truly greatful!